Monday, January 28, 2008

Abandon All Hope

As much as the right wing and small “l” liberals in this country wine and wince about the socialist and leftist bend of our educational system we are the ones at fault for abandoning it to them.

Angelo Persichilli gets it. His article comes into focus in this statement…
“They have not simply become the apostles of left-wing culture. Rather, they are
the culture and, according to them, anyone who disagrees with their ideas is a
warmonger, hates the poor, opposes social justice. Their New McCarthyism is
actually McCarthyism in reverse.”

Until such a time as we on the right side of the political aisle in this country get our poop in a group and begin to take responsibility and ownership of the institution of education we will continue to be marginalized, and the democratic and capitalistic institutions that made this nation will continue to suffer at the hands of our children, whos education has been absconded by the socialists and leftists of academia for the common misery of all.

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