Sunday, January 27, 2008

Marxist Pap Indeed

Thanks to Lorrie Goldstein for pointing out the rationality deficit of some of our educators.
"Excellence in schools is widely understood as reproducing 'model students' who
are trained to function within the capitalist economy. Students are not
adequately trained to ask critical questions about social inequalities; what
constitutes 'valid' knowledge; and whose points of view determine the criteria
for meaningful education. Myopic definitions of excellence are entrenched in
middle class values. These definition privilege discourses about merit and the
idea that individual hard work will result in success. The focus on merit and
individuality normalize class oppression and does not question the implications
for working class youths in schools. Critical educators propose a philosophy and
practice of excellence that centres equity and disrupt social inequalities."

If this is the prevalent attitude of our educational boards then there's no wonder that our school system is circling the drain

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