Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hubris or Horse Hooey?

Sometimes when I read things printed in and taken as news, and therefore gospel, in this myopic country of ours I wonder if the people writing it really believe the shit they shovel.

A prime example of the self-aggrandizing Canadian navel gazing graced the pages of the Ottawa Citizen today.
"The European media responded to the report with a yawn. At a downtown Paris newsstand, only the London-based Financial Times mentioned the report."
Does Peter O'Neil really believe that when the Canadian government commissions a study about what WE as a nation should do in Afghanistan, that Europe in whole or in part should stand up and take notice? Bullshit. There's a better chance that if Canada as a nation passed gas that it would be noticed by Europe .

Oh, by the way NATO is headquartered in Brussels not Paris.

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Russ R said...

if we had celebrities like Lindsay and Brittany in Canada they would have to take notice. However, I don't plan to use the name Brittany if I have a girl...I would use a name like Madeline or maybe Brenda, now thats Canadian...well maybe a bit French Canadian with Madeline but I think you get my point.