Sunday, January 20, 2008

Zip’s Laws of Socialism:

Feel free to add your own...

  1. The Altruist Effect: Never underestimate the propensity of well intentioned people working in large numbers to create evil.
  2. Rule of Consequences: Any effort, program, edict or agenda which has as its stated goal the amelioration of any injustice, inequality, perceived discrimination or hurt shall have a negative consequence equal to or greater than the initial condition.
  3. The Oppression Corollary: Any action taken against oppressors in favour of ‘the people’, ‘the working man’ , ‘the disadvantaged’ or any similarly undefined amorphous group shall serve only to create a new more powerful and vicious set of oppressors.
  4. The Self-sacrifice Principal: Those who call for self-sacrifice will be the only ones to profit from the sacrifice while sacrificing nothing themselves.
  5. The Bureaucracy Connection: The larger and more complex the bureaucracy the greater the danger to freedom.

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