Thursday, January 10, 2008

Uncle Stéph

Contrition, Contribution, Compassion, Rconcilliation = Reeducation

1) Contrition:
Repeat as often as necessary… “I know, we didn’t do enough.”
There, don’t you feel better about the Liberal party now? As simple as it seems that appears to be the extent of the Liberals new communication strategy, and the sum of their contrition for all the failings from Shawinigate to Gomery to the Environment to Poverty.

But Dear Leader has other wisdom to share…

2) Contribution:
”I want to become Prime Minister of this country,” … “to create more wealth, to share it better and to share it with the next generations.”

I, personally don’t buy it. What’s more is I am reminded of the quote by G Gordon Liddy, “A Liberal is someone who feels a great debt to his fellow man, which he proposes to pay off with your money.”

The Liberals want to make the country better by throwing more of your money into the socialist sink and watching it go down the drain. This is all done in the hope that your cash will create a clog in the aforementioned sink, a clog big enough to quench the thirst of the welfare system, poverty, the plight of aboriginals and many other very progressive programs.

3) Compassion:
Dion continues to veil his socialism as all good re-engineers do in the words of the proletariat, hitting upon all the deeply held beliefs, the popular myths and the feelings of the masses… “The role of Canada in the world should be as champion of peace, justice and sustainability and reconciliation between humanity and the planet.”

Isn’t that sweet. But what really does it mean?

Champion of peace - Been there done that. But that was a different time when I was stationed in Europe and watching the Russians over the iron curtain till they blinked in 1989. Today’s enemy isn’t interested in détente, the status quo is what they are fighting against, that and quaint notions like free speech, religious freedom… ooh and our right to exist.

Justice Brought to you by the same people that Created the Canadian Thought Police, (Canadian Human Rights Commission) need I say more?

Sustainability – Wealth distribution schemes from the climate spectacle. I’ve mentioned this before

Reconciliation – With the planet? WTF? This is just so much useless hyperbole that I won’t even respond, except to note that this statement is aimed directly at those who have already abandoned all reason as far as the climate change debate is concerned. That means there are far too many of these people.

4) Reeducation: Repeat after me… Only the Liberal Party can save us. Repeat as necessary to make all the memories of Liberal graft and greed disappear.

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